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Samba De Queijo

  • Samba De Queijo
  • Samba De Queijo
  • Samba De Queijo
  • Samba De Queijo
  • Samba De Queijo
  • Samba De Queijo
  • Samba De Queijo

Saxophone Octet

Composer : Jim Fieldhouse

A concert piece for saxophone ensemble with latin grooves

Instrumentation : 1 Soprano Sax, 4 Alto Saxophones, 2 Tenor Saxophones & 1 Baritone.

Flexible parts : Part 2 transposition for 2nd soprano, Part 5 for tenor sax and alternative part 7 for baritone, allows for all combinations up to standard double quartet. An equivalent clarinet ensemble version of this title is available. The two sets of parts are designed to be interchangeable, allowing different combinations of single reeds to play this work.

Difficulty rating : Advanced Plus

There is also a large sax orchestra version of this title, scored for 12 saxophones.

Instrumentation : Sopranino, 2 Sopranos, 3 Altos, 3 Tenors, 2 Baritones and Bass.

This work was written for the HD8 saxophone octet in 2014, at a time when they were looking to expand their repertoire and was later scored for larger twelve sax ensemble in 2017. If you are after a piece with a feel-good factor that is accessible to concert audiences whist being very challenging to play. With Brazilian influences, driving rhythms and intricate interwoven lines, Samba De Queijo will liven up any concert programme. The funky middle section creates space for either alto or tenor saxophone (or soprano in the twelve sax version) to take an improvised solo and there are some tricky corners to keep all the players on their toes. Also included, with both the octet and twelve piece sets, are some sample written out solos for ensembles who do not wish to improvise.


E-edition 8 Saxes


E-edition 12 saxes


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