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Stoned Toad

  • Stoned Toad
  • Stoned Toad

Saxophone Quartet

Composer : Jim Fieldhouse

A jazz/funk chart for jazz sax quartet.

Instrumentation : 2 Alto Saxophones, Tenor & Baritone plus optional Drum Kit.

Difficulty rating : Advanced Plus

Stoned Toad was written in 2005 for the Eclipse Saxophone Quartet. After a free opening section, Stoned Toad settles into a groove and moves between funk and swing styles. With a driving bass line, solo space for alto and tenor saxes and a blistering shout chorus, Stoned Toad will keep all the performers on their toes. time should be spent finding the right tempo that will allow the ensemble to groove in both the heavy funk and swing styles is the key to making this chart work.




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