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NMP specialises in producing original and arranged music for a wide variety of woodwind and brass ensembles. Based in the UK, our collective of composers and arrangers have set out to create a catalogue catering for brass & wind performers of all levels.

Whether you are looking for light music for saxophone quartet or to make a big impact at a brass band festival, our growing catalogue will be of interest.

How Our Music Is Graded.

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Our team of highly skilled writers carefully grade our titles to make it easy for performers, conductors and music educators to select repertoire suitable for their ensembles. Our scores are well arranged for various levels of musical experience and colour-coded labels, make it easy to gauge the difficulty. Many titles come with flexible alternative parts (especially at the easy and medium levels) to allow for incomplete or unbalanced line-ups.

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Music with an 'Easy' label is generally aimed at young ensembles with musicians of mixed ability. Principal parts will be aimed at players of around ABRSM grade 3-4 but the secondary parts will be suitable for less experienced instrumentalists.
Ensemble titles will have many flexible parts and often include easy optional parts, for players around grade 1 standard, who are taking their first steps into group music making.
Music labeled as 'Medium' is more suited to players of around grades 4 - 6.
Band music will be suited to intermediate school and community bands with good principal players.
Most of the secondary parts will be within the capabilities of less experienced instrumentalists.
Our 'Advanced' titles are designed to suit grades 6-8 players.
Ensemble music will be arranged to suit more advanced school and university level groups.
Principal parts will require players to have good technical proficiency but the secondary parts should still lie within the reach of intermediate level band members.
The 'Advanced Plus' Series are our top level of difficulty, designed with experienced musicians in mind.
Music with this grading is aimed at ABRSM grade 8 and above players, university and music college ensembles, professional wind, brass and jazz ensembles and the championship or elite section brass bands.

Our writers have extensive knowledge of orchestral, big band, symphonic wind orchestra, brass band and chamber ensembles and a wealth of professional performance experience in the classical and jazz worlds. Our assortment of titles should appeal to both performers and audiences alike. We aim to give musicians works which are both challenging and fun to play, ranging from school bands up to more accomplished and professional ensembles.

We can also offer bespoke composition and arrangement services for less-common instrumental combinations or for standard ensembles who would like something unique written for them.

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